My Bucket List

A bucket list is simply a list of things to do before you die: Things to learn, places to visit, things to do...

They could be BIG things in your life: BIG life-changing things.
Or they could be the little things simply designed to make your life more fun, or interesting, or comfortable.

What differentiates your bucket list from your list of goals, is that the bucket list is simply a list of desires, whereas a goal is something you are actively planning to achieve in your life. Dreams with a deadline.

Aim to build up your bucket list to 100 things you want to do, have or be - and then start to convert these items into goals that you then work to achieve.

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Done? Things other people want to do Member
86. Own a yacht  (Adventure) charris0607
85. Become an effective Human rights activist  (Adventure) jongimbodla
84. Work at a summer camp  (Adventure) allstar
83. Go Heli-skiing in Alaska  (Adventure) leighton
82. Swim with Dolphins  (Adventure) leighton
81. Cycle around Iceland (bike or motorbike...)  (Adventure) leighton
80. Learn to SAT my paraglider  (Adventure) leighton
79. Loop the loop in an acrobatic plane  (Adventure) leighton
78. Fly a Biplane  (Adventure) leighton
77. Dive Acapulco  (Adventure) leighton
76. Do a free fall parachute jump  (Adventure) leighton
75. Walk the Tour of Mont Blanc  (Adventure) leighton
74. Climb Mont Blanc  (Adventure) leighton
73. Sail around the world on my 45ft yacht!  (Adventure) leighton
72. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro  (Adventure) leighton
71. Learn to Surf  (Adventure) leighton
70. Go Paragliding in Nepal  (Adventure) leighton
69. Canoe the Rhone from source to sea  (Adventure) leighton
68. Open my own booth rental salon  (Career) charris0607
67. Become an educator for Perfectress  (Creative) charris0607
66. Become a motivating and inspirational public speeker  (Creative) charris0607
65. I want to finish a novel.  (Creative) earlypromise
64. I want to be published in a literary journal.  (Creative) earlypromise
63. See the opera "La Traviata" live  (Creative) leighton
62. Publish my own book  (Creative) leighton
61. Publish a best-selling novel  (Creative) leighton
60. Love and help children who otherwise wouldn't be loved or supported  (Domestic) charris0607
59. Be the home that host family and friend gatherings regularly  (Domestic) charris0607
58. Marry my soul mate  (Domestic) charris0607
57. Eat at Paul Bocuse  (Domestic) leighton
56. Eat at Nobu  (Domestic) leighton
55. Eat at the Fat Duck  (Domestic) leighton
54. Make my money make me more money  (Finance) charris0607
53. Have a nice butt  (Health) charris0607
52. Run the Chamonix Cross (23km)  (Health) leighton
51. Weigh under 90kg  (Health) leighton
50. Run 10k  (Health) leighton
49. Run a marathon  (Health) leighton
48. Visit the Louvre  (Learning) leighton
47. Do a PhD  (Learning) allstar
46. Learn to speak transactional Italian  (Learning) leighton
45. Learn to sail yachts  (Learning) leighton
44. Learn to paraglide  (Learning) leighton
43. Write a novel  (Learning) linleewil71
42. Learn to kite-surf  (Learning) leighton
41. Complete my PHD thesis!  (Learning) leighton
40. Learn to fly  (Learning) leighton
39. Travel the world with Sophie and my soul mate  (Travel) charris0607
38. Watch the March of the Red Crabs on Christmas Island  (Travel) leighton
37. Motorbike the route of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"  (Travel) leighton
36. Interrail  (Travel) allstar
35. Travel the world  (Travel) allstar
34. Do European Voluntary Service  (Travel) allstar
33. re visit scandinavia  (Travel) erlik
32. Travel to learn about other cultures  (Travel) fraserkr
31. Float in the Dead Sea  (Travel) leighton
30. Listen to the Rachmaninov 3rd piano concerto live in St. Petersburg  (Travel) leighton
29. See the Grand Canyon  (Travel) leighton
28. See Fingal's Cave in the Hebrides  (Travel) leighton
27. Do a gastronomic tour of the Highland and Islands of Scotland  (Travel) leighton
26. Visit Venice  (Travel) leighton
25. Stay in Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy  (Travel) leighton
24. Visit Ankor Wat  (Travel) leighton
23. See the Taj Mahal  (Travel) leighton
22. Climb Mt Vesuvius - visit Pompeii  (Travel) leighton
21. Visit the Colosseum  (Travel) leighton
20. Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa  (Travel) leighton
19. Visit Romania  (Travel) leighton
18. Visit Slovakia and Slovenia  (Travel) leighton
17. Visit the Ukraine - swim in the Black Sea  (Travel) leighton
16. Visit Moldova  (Travel) leighton
15. Visit Hungary - visit Budapest  (Travel) leighton
14. See the Aurora Borealis  (Travel) leighton
13. Visit the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian  (Travel) leighton
12. Visit the Acropolis and Parthenon in Greece  (Travel) leighton
11. Walk the Great Wall of China  (Travel) leighton
10. Climb Uluru - Ayers Rock  (Travel) leighton
9. Visit Machu Picchu  (Travel) leighton
8. Go Scuba diving in the Red Sea  (Travel) leighton
7. Visit Mauritius  (Travel) leighton
6. Visit Wadi Rum in Jordan  (Travel) leighton
5. Go on safari in Africa  (Travel) leighton
4. Visit New Zealand  (Travel) leighton
3. Visit Antarctica  (Travel) leighton
2. Visit the Pyramids  (Travel) leighton
1. Visit Victoria Falls  (Travel) leighton