My Bucket List

A bucket list is simply a list of things to do before you die: Things to learn, places to visit, things to do...

They could be BIG things in your life: BIG life-changing things.
Or they could be the little things simply designed to make your life more fun, or interesting, or comfortable.

What differentiates your bucket list from your list of goals, is that the bucket list is simply a list of desires, whereas a goal is something you are actively planning to achieve in your life. Dreams with a deadline.

Aim to build up your bucket list to 100 things you want to do, have or be - and then start to convert these items into goals that you then work to achieve.

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Done? Things other people want to do Member
176. Parachute  (Adventure) evbelton
175. Take a romantic vacation  (Adventure) hellosimone
174. See a killer whale in person  (Adventure) grghrrsn
173. Visit a castle  (Adventure) grghrrsn
172. Attend a Cirque Du Soleil performance  (Adventure) grghrrsn
171. Hug a koala  (Adventure) grghrrsn
170. Learn to ski  (Adventure) grghrrsn
169. Take the kids to Disney World (even if the kids are grownups!)  (Adventure) grghrrsn
168. Take kids skiing  (Adventure) grghrrsn
167. Go on a wellness retreat  (Adventure) grghrrsn
166. Swim with sharks  (Adventure) grghrrsn
165. Swim with dolphins  (Adventure) grghrrsn
164. do a surfing lesson  (Adventure) renrox
163. overnight hike  (Adventure) renrox
162. Own a yacht  (Adventure) charris0607
161. Become an effective Human rights activist  (Adventure) jongimbodla
160. Work at a summer camp  (Adventure) allstar
159. Go Heli-skiing in Alaska  (Adventure) leighton
158. Swim with Dolphins  (Adventure) leighton
157. Cycle around Iceland (bike or motorbike...)  (Adventure) leighton
156. Learn to SAT my paraglider  (Adventure) leighton
155. Loop the loop in an acrobatic plane  (Adventure) leighton
154. Fly a Biplane  (Adventure) leighton
153. Dive Acapulco  (Adventure) leighton
152. Do a free fall parachute jump  (Adventure) leighton
151. Walk the Tour of Mont Blanc  (Adventure) leighton
150. Climb Mont Blanc  (Adventure) leighton
149. Sail around the world on my 45ft yacht!  (Adventure) leighton
148. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro  (Adventure) leighton
147. Learn to Surf  (Adventure) leighton
146. Go Paragliding in Nepal  (Adventure) leighton
145. Canoe the Rhone from source to sea  (Adventure) leighton
144. sign a book deal and publish a book  (Career) hellosimone
143. win entrepreneur of the year in Austin  (Career) hellosimone
142. Become a recognised professional in my field  (Career) grghrrsn
141. Create a business website  (Career) grghrrsn
140. Create business Etsy products  (Career) grghrrsn
139. Create your own business cards  (Career) grghrrsn
138. Be self-employed  (Career) grghrrsn
137. Own a business  (Career) grghrrsn
136. get a website  (Career) renrox
135. hire staff  (Career) renrox
134. get a bigger salon  (Career) renrox
133. Getting a job  (Career) graceh0125
132. Open my own booth rental salon  (Career) charris0607
131. Publish or Go Viral for Poem or Rap  (Creative) evbelton
130. Start a podcast  (Creative) grghrrsn
129. Create a hobby/brand website  (Creative) grghrrsn
128. Start a YouTube channel  (Creative) grghrrsn
127. Start a blog  (Creative) grghrrsn
126. Get a YouTube award  (Creative) grghrrsn
125. Publish Children’s Book  (Creative) lwidl
124. Become an educator for Perfectress  (Creative) charris0607
123. Become a motivating and inspirational public speeker  (Creative) charris0607
122. I want to finish a novel.  (Creative) earlypromise
121. I want to be published in a literary journal.  (Creative) earlypromise
120. See the opera "La Traviata" live  (Creative) leighton
119. Publish my own book  (Creative) leighton
118. Publish a best-selling novel  (Creative) leighton
117. Have kids  (Domestic) evbelton
116. Take a dance class  (Domestic) grghrrsn
115. Take a yoga class  (Domestic) grghrrsn
114. Break a board  (Domestic) grghrrsn
113. Learn the alphabet in sign language  (Domestic) grghrrsn
112. Make a gingerbread house  (Domestic) grghrrsn
111. Cook Christmas dinner  (Domestic) grghrrsn
110. Have a house cleaner  (Domestic) grghrrsn
109. Be blonde for a day  (Domestic) grghrrsn
108. Own a dog  (Domestic) grghrrsn
107. Read the book before watching the movie  (Domestic) grghrrsn
106. Get a tattoo  (Domestic) grghrrsn
105. Attend a theatre show  (Domestic) grghrrsn
104. Learn to drive  (Domestic) grghrrsn
103. Have children  (Domestic) grghrrsn
102. Be a bridesmaid  (Domestic) grghrrsn
101. Live in a 3 bed house  (Domestic) grghrrsn
100. Love and help children who otherwise wouldn't be loved or supported  (Domestic) charris0607
99. Be the home that host family and friend gatherings regularly  (Domestic) charris0607
98. Marry my soul mate  (Domestic) charris0607
97. Eat at Paul Bocuse  (Domestic) leighton
96. Eat at Nobu  (Domestic) leighton
95. Eat at the Fat Duck  (Domestic) leighton
94. Have a 6-figure income  (Finance) grghrrsn
93. Buy a house  (Finance) grghrrsn
92. Buy a brand new car  (Finance) grghrrsn
91. Have £1000 in emergency fund  (Finance) grghrrsn
90. Have 6 months living expenses saved  (Finance) grghrrsn
89. Have a good credit score  (Finance) grghrrsn
88. Become debt free  (Finance) grghrrsn
87. Make my money make me more money  (Finance) charris0607
86. Appalachian Trail  (Health) evbelton
85. Have flat stomach  (Health) evbelton
84. Obstacle Course  (Health) evbelton
83. Do a mud runner  (Health) grghrrsn
82. Do a colour run  (Health) grghrrsn
81. Quit smoking  (Health) grghrrsn
80. Have a healthy body fat percentage  (Health) grghrrsn
79. ride the local rail trail  (Health) renrox
78. Have a nice butt  (Health) charris0607
77. Run the Chamonix Cross (23km)  (Health) leighton
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