How to get going when you have no motivation….

TED just published a wonderful talk by Christine Carter entitled, “Confessions of Bad Exerciser”.

It is all about how to get going when you have a lack of motivation.

As Christine explains: our ability to follow through on our intentions depends on our willingness to be BAD at whatever we want to achieve (albeit maybe just for while)…

It is all about building the habit of moving forward, rather than big steps to achieve your goals.

She says, “New behaviors require a lot of effort because change is hard. Change can require a lot of motivation, which we can’t count on having. This is why we often don’t do the things we really intend to do.”

Her answer is simple…  just do it for one single minute.

Repeat this tomorrow, the next day, etc.
Then, as your new habit grows, you’ll find yourself being drawn naturally into wanting to do more…

I shall let Christine explain….

The link to the full text on is here: