The FIVE qualities you MUST have to achieve your goals!

“A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.” – Kahlil Gibran, writer.


You must have the force which drives you to take action. The force and the action are inseparable: motivation does not exist without there being action, else all you are left with is no change and no progress. Conversely to what you might expect, the first step to generating motivation is to take action. Where you might expect to require motivation before you take action, by inverting it, and actually taking action first, it then builds your level of motivation.



The difference between involved and committed is like the difference between eggs and bacon. The chicken was involved. The pig was committed. This little joke illustrates the nature of commitment. To be truly committed means giving your heart and soul to completing your objective, and really caring about the outcome. It means having the resolve and will to create the outcome you desire, regardless of the amount of energy it will require to achieve.



Determination is the quality of resoluteness to achieving your objectives. To be determined means that you have decided to achieve your aim, and will not waver until you have achieved your goal. I want a trimmer body, but I have not been exercising yet – why? Because I have not decided to do what it takes to achieve that aim – i.e. I am not determined enough yet.



Persistence is the quality of remaining resolute to your goals while you are in the process of trying to realise them. It is the quality that prevents you giving up when obstacles get in the way of your progress. Being persistent means being flexible, and committed to finding the solutions to problems that would otherwise stop you from reaching your goal. Being persistent means spending two years knocking on 1,009 doors with your recipe for fried chicken like Colonel Sanders did!



Discipline is the quality of self-mastery that allows you to make progress on your goal when your “dark side” tempts you to behaviour that is a movement away from reaching your goal. It is discipline that allows you to forsake short-term pleasures or gains, in favour of your longer-term objectives. Again, having discipline is a choice which you exercise by choosing to accept the responsibility for all your behaviours, and then choosing the behaviour which aligns with your overall objective.

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